Travelling with Infants/Toddlers

If you are travelling this holiday season with infants and/or toddlers, these tips will help avoid what could be a disastrous situation.

Vaccines and Medications

Vaccines and Medication

Consult with your child’s physician prior to travel. Some locations may require immunizations, or some immunizations may be a recommended precaution.

Be sure to bring some infant / child Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, along with a snot sucker and saline drops.

Pack a small first aid kit from your local pharmacy.

Car Seats

Travel Car Seat

If you are flying, you may use a car seat on a seat you purchase, otherwise it must be checked. You may still check the car seat and use an FAA infant approved safety device to save yourself the headache of lugging a car seat through the airport. If you check your car seat, purchase a cover to protect the materials from any damage.

Crib and Crib Sheets


If you are staying at a hotel, try to arrange for a crib to be sent to your room. When you get there, inspect the crib and look for any recalls. If you are bringing your own, consider a model that will fold easily with a travel case that you can check at the airport.

Try to bring your own crib sheets, and perhaps have them in your child’s crib for a few days before the trip. This way they will smell like home. Otherwise be sure to have them laundered in your regular detergent.

Sunscreen and Swim Diapers


If you cannot purchase when you arrive, consider packing sunscreen and swim diapers. You may also want to pack a few swim diapers just in case as well as a small bottle of sunscreen in your carryon – this way, you can get right to the beach without needing to shop first.

Stain Removers

Stain Removers

Bring a small amount of stain remover – a spray, Blue Dawn soap (it works for everything!), oxyclean or something similar – in your carryon bag. You may run into a mess at the airport that needs immediate attention.

Extra Clothes

Clean extra clothing

Speaking of that mess, you should pack an extra set of clothes for everyone in your diaper bag.

Kids Suitcase

Kids Suitcase

Consider getting a fun suitcase for your child. Suitcases like the Trunki model allow kids to ride along and keep themselves busy at the airport. Be sure to check the dimensions of the carryon bag before you leave. Fill this suitcase with toys


New Toy

Consider picking out one new toy for the trip with your child. This can be new or new to you.

Be sure to remember to pack books to keep night time routine as close to normal


Electronic Device

if you have an iPad or tablet, load educational videos from Netflix and educational Apps on the device

Pureed Foods

Pureed Fruit

Consider ordering jars or squeezable packs to your destination to cut down on stress. If you have the room and a kitchen available where you are staying, consider packing a magic bullet or other small blender to puree fruits so you do not need to only feed baby store bought food (it will save some $$)


Variety of Snacks

This will hopefully keep children entertained and will be a lifesaver to avoid an epic tantrum. Bring different varieties and have a small container in each bag.


Extra Pacifier

Even if your child does not love pacifiers, have plenty of extras on hand.

Travel Stroller

Light Travel Stroller

Consider getting a light travel stroller. You may prefer to purchase a used stroller strictly for travel. You can always resell when you return.

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