Signs Homebuyers Should Watch Out For

If you are purchasing a home, it is always the best to make your offer conditional upon a home inspection. If you are in bidding war territory where you cannot make a conditional offer, if there are open house viewings, you should consider having a home inspector attend with you on any homes you are serious about buying. While they may not get you a detailed report, they can tell you the issues they see while you are looking at the home. It will also help you look for those things when you are looking at homes that the inspector does not have the availability to attend. If you cannot have a home inspector view the property for whatever reason, these are some areas of importance to consider

Sagging and Damaged Roof

Damaged Roof

You should view the home from across the street. If the roof is missing shingles or if any have been curled up, this is a sign of water damage or rot. Water stains on the top floor ceilings indicate the problem is extensive. Roofs are only good for 20 – 25 years, so inquire about the age of the roof from the seller or the seller’s representative.

Plumbing Troubles


Turn on the taps and see if there are any issues with the water flow or stoppage. Check under the sink to ensure no mildew. Flush the toilets. If there are plumbing problems, these can be costly.

Ceiling Repairs

Always Look Up

It is not uncommon for a marijuana grow operation to have opened the ceilings up (or circles within the ceilings) to assist with the humidity of the plants. Most people don’t look up when viewing a home, but you should.

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint

Many people freshly paint houses for sale to increase attractiveness. However, if only one spot is painted, especially a spot below a window, on a ceiling or a spot on the wall, you should ask why that area was painted. It could be smoke damage, mold, or water damage. These may be costly to remedy.


Growing Mold

Water may only come into the basement a few times a year. Notice if there is any moldy smell or inconsistent paint near the windows. if you see a dehumidifier, there may be moisture problems with the basement. You should inquire if the seller installed any backwater valve or similar instrument to ensure that the basement cannot be flooded. You should also ask if there has been any flooding in the basement.

Improper Grading

Potential Flooding/Drainage Issue

If the land slopes toward the house, this can cause the water to rest against the house and cause foundational deterioration and poor drainage in the yard.



These are all the major things you should be concerned about when purchasing a home, as these issues could become costly. Do you have anything additional that you look for when you are purchasing a home? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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