Selling an Empty House

If you close on a property and move your furniture before you sell your old home, or if you have investment properties you need to sell, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sell an empty home. If you are selling an empty home, you should be aware of the following

Imperfections in paint, finishing and flooring will stand out

Noticeable imperfections

You may have been able to cover up a chip in the hardwood with a carpet or put a lamp or couch in front of some marks on the wall. But with nothing in the room, the imperfections will stand out and will probably be the first thing buyers notice.

It is fairly easy to fix small damage to hardwood by obtaining the crayons or wood fillers at your local hardware store.

You may be able to use a magic eraser to get some wall scuffs out. If there are serious scuffs, you may need to pain the walls. Fresh paint is always a nice selling feature and will make a room look newer.

Some rooms will feel smaller

Empty Room

Bedrooms and dining rooms will feel smaller without any furniture. Potential buyers may be concerned that their furniture may not fit.

Light fixtures will remain

Light Fixture

In an empty room, the only thing that may be seen, other than the walls and floor, is the light fixture. Be sure that the light fixtures all have light bulbs. Consider upgrading the light fixtures if possible.

Consider staging

Staged Room

Houses with furniture are always more appealing than empty homes, even for investment buyers. A professional stager may be outside your budget. If that is the case, consider second hand stores, consignment stores, or internet buy sell groups to pick up some basics. I would recommend the following:


· A double or queen bed, without a frame, with two end tables on both sides of the bed. You may want to place a large mirror in the room to bring in the light.


· Consider a vase of fake flowers, as real flowers will need attention and if the flowers die, the house may have a bit more of an empty, sinister feel.

Dining room

· A second hand table and chairs would be a good idea as this would show the potential buyer how well a table will fit. It also serves as a place to include any information you have prepared on your property, such as a features sheet.

· If the table that you find is really dated, a rich table cloth with a modern centerpiece will perfectly distract.

· Finally, this will be a great place for buyers to sit to discuss the home and where potential offers are made.

Living room

· If there is a living room that is large, consider a couch and coffee table.


· This where first impressions are made, so consider a mirror to bring light into the home.


These tips should alleviate some of the concern with selling an empty home. Not every room needs to be staged, but some furniture will be helpful to assist buyers ground themselves. Have you had an experience selling an empty home? What worked for you?

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