Home Made Bug Removal

If you are travelling this holiday season with infants and/or toddlers, these tips will help avoid what could be a disastrous situation.



There are regular cockroaches and there are flying cockroaches. Both are terrifying – although the flying ones might cause fainting. Use two cups of water and two tablespoons of tea tree oil and mix in a spray bottle. Spray in areas the cockroaches are found – especially drains, including sink and dishwasher.



Be sure not to have any still water pooling around your home as this can be a breeding ground for mosquitos. So nix the bird bath and clean out any pooled water by dumping the water or using paper towels. Mosquitos avoid lavender, catnip and basil, so you can place these objects near the entryway to your house.


Ants on a leaf

Combine white vinegar, water, and essential oil in a spray bottle and spray the doors, baseboards and windowsills of your home. Ants tend to follow food, so be sure not to leave any sticky, syropy, or sugary foods or drinks out – including in your kitchen sink.


Spider on a leaf

Spiders catch other insects with their webs so this might be an insect worth keeping around. I not, a solution of two teaspoons of peppermint oil and one cup of water in a spray bottle will keep spiders at bay. Similar to ants, cover all areas of entry into your home, baseboards, doors, and windows.

Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies eating an orange

These pesky flies typically appear out of nowhere – which is how you can get them in an office kitchen where there are no doors and windows. They are easily caught in fly traps – use small piece of parchment paper or a coffee filter and create a funnel that dips into a cup. In the cup, mix water and red wine vinegar to lure the flies.

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs cannot stand heat, so it is best to take all of your bedding and wash and dry it. You should not sleep in any rooms other than your bedroom as bed bugs are drawn to the carbon dioxide you exhale at night (they are nocturnal). You can consider using Diatomaceous Earth to keep bedbugs away – using a plastic cylinder under your bed legs and placing the product in there, as well as near your bed. By removing clutter, washing your clothing and bedsheets and placing diatomasceuos earth strategically, you can rid youself of bed bugs without the cost of a exterminator. Further, these methods are more effective than an exterminator.


If these methods do not work, consult your local hardware store or exterminator. Do not bugs overstay their welcome as it will be harder to remove them. Good luck!

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