Does your home design have bad Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the philosophy of harmony with the environment. It is unlikely that older homes considered Feng Shui in their designs but even newer homes often fail to consider Feng Shui. While you may not think this matters, most buildings in north America do not have a 13th floor – because that mattered to people at some time. As Feng Shui increases in popularity, you may find yourself in a situation where it is difficult to sell your home because of “bad” Feng Shui. Here are some common negative Feng Shui house designs:

Front Door Alignment

Front of house

It is considered bad Feng Shui if your front door and back door align. Think of money coming into your home and leaving just as fast through the back. You can remedy this easily by putting something to “block” the escape of energy, such as a table with a large planter. While this may hide your entryway a bit, it does offer privacy which you will notice and appreciate.

Gun Shaped Layout

 This is typically a home with a long and narrow design with an attached garage that takes up a majority of the floor plan.

Toilets in the Centre of the Home


The idea here is that your wealth may gather in the center of the house only to be flushed down the toilet. Also, toilets are the source of contamination and negative energy and it is best if that is not at the centre.

Triangle Layouts

This is more common in apartment buildings rather than houses (attached or semi detached) and is believed to cause bad luck.

Unusual Home Layouts

While not every home is the same, especially in older neighborhoods, there are certain similarities to designs and most are rectangular. Houses with odd shapes are thought to cause poor ventilation, as air will not circulate if there are many corners for it to become stuck. These houses are believed to cause health issues to the occupants.

Few Windows


Houses with few windows are considered to have bad Feng Shui because followers believe it will be poorly ventilated and cause bad health. The solution is easy for detached homes, in simply adding more windows.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have trouble selling your home because of the design of the home and you cannot easily remedy the situation, consider further reading online or at the library on Feng Shui.If this is something that is difficult for you to do, reach out to family members, especially tech savy younger ones, to help you with your research. IF you are totally baffled, you could pose your question on popular websites like Reddit, where there is a very active audience who can assist with your query, at no fee. Another good source of information is professional home stagers. You will have to pay them for their time but it may be well worth it once you see offers coming in. You should be wary of “experts” in Feng Shui that demand excessive sums of money, well in excess of what a local home stager would charge for a consultation or hourly, as you are likely being ripped off. Have you had to make any changes to your home due to bad Feng Shui? Let us know in the comments below.

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