Best Foods for an Open House

If you are hosting an open house, consider setting out some food for potential buyers. It will help them envision your home as their new home, a place to entertain, laugh and eat good food. Here are some great foods (and drinks) to have at your open house:


Lemonade drink assortment

Consider making lemonade with a dash of sparkling water to change the flavor from a standard “children’s lemonade stand” to “sophisticated entertainer lemonade”.

It is a good idea to use paper cups and have a few garbage bins throughout your home so you do not find empty or half consumed cups all over the place.

Chocolate Brownies


I don’t think I have ever been offered a chocolate brownie and declined acceptance.

Bonus: if you bake these in your home, the smell of freshly baked chocolate brownies will waft through the air. However – be sure to get all the baking materials and tools put away well before the open house!

Glazed Nuts

Nuts in a serving bowl

These can be easy to grab and offer a sweet and salty treat to your guests.

Be sure to arrange these in a serving tray and it is best to keep this in the kitchen or dining room and not near the television or entertainment room as people may assume those nuts were something you forgot to remove.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

As with the brownies, these are rarely refused. And cooking them prior to the open house will make your house smell delicious.

I find that mid to high end grocery store home made chocolate chip cookies taste wonderful.

Be sure to have serviettes available as crumbly cookies may be viewed by buyers as something you forgot to clean rather than something caused by a viewer!

Pigs In A Blanket

“Pig in a blanket”

This is a great treat for any time of the year but especially good in the winter.

Be sure to serve with a delicious mustard and use small plates.

Pinwheel/Finger Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches

Pinwheel sandwiches are wonderful snacks, and are made the day before and served cold so they will not cause you any stress preparing on the day of your open house.

It is good to have a vegetarian option.

You can search for recipes or simply spread garden vegetable cream cheese on a large whole grain pita (liberally) and add some very thinly sliced carrot, red pepper, lettuce and turkey breast and roll the pita up. Individually wrap each pita in a saran wrap cover and store in the fridge overnight. In the morning, simply slice the desired size pinwheel (I like approx. 1 inch) and lay out. You can substitute different cream cheese options, and add vegetables and cheese.

If you are making finger sandwiches, be sure to have a meat and non-meat option. Cucumber and cream cheese is always delicious, as is ham and swiss cheese (with mustard!). You may use bread and make a traditional sandwich, or use baguettes, thinly slice and have open faced sandwiches.


It is also always good to have bottled water on hand for your visitors. Have you hosted an open house? Did you offer food and/or refreshments? We would love to hear about your experience in the comment section below.

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